Our Services

We offer the following services.
However, any other service you might require, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to assist you and give a solution.

Mechanical Engineering

  • We develop engineering for material handling systems for the general industry from the selection of the mechanical components until the detail engineering => Conveyors.
  • We develop engineering focusing in the surface treatment and energy savings for the manufacturing industry
  • We also develop engineering for the air make up units and ductwork.
  • Making Drawings

    • Tropicalization of the drawings
    • Making layout

    Project Management

    • We offer project coordination from the development of the time schedule, services and equipment’s integration until the daily follow-up of the project. Our personnel has high experience in developing projects.

    • In the areas of material handling and surface treatment, we perform “TurnKey Projects” from the engineering phase to start-up and commissioning of the project.

    Metallic Fabrications

      We offer you the following types of fabrications:

    • Steel structure such as platforms, mezzanines, stairs, handrails, racks among others.
    • Pint booths, cooling tunnels, ovens.
    • Stainless steel tanks as well as mild steel for the surface treatment system.
    • Machined parts.
    • Welded ductworks.

    Mechanical and Electrical Installation

    • We perform mechanical installation of steel structures, process equipment and conveyors.

    • We perform electrical installation of medium and low tension for material handling and surface treatment systems for the general industry. We offer this service from the building of the control panels, electrical installation and star-up of the system.

    Commercialization of national and international equipments

    • By means of our solid panel network world wide, we are able to offer our customers mechanical, electrical and process components for any system.

    After Sales

    • Once we finished our installations, we offer our customer the support to sales any spare part of the system as well as maintenance service if it is required.